Tip sheets and presentations

Here you will find tip sheets and shared presentations for NODA16 and Tutki!2016.

Thursday 21 April: Academic preconference

Florian Stalph: Classifying Data Journalism. A Content Analysis of Data-Driven Stories

Eddy Borges-Rey: Data journalism: the missing link between the politics of open data and the myth of citizen data literacy?

Paul Bradshaw: Chilling effect – Regional journalists’ source protection and information security practice

Heikki Kuutti: Ethics of data journalism

Hussain Aldossari: The Use of Data Personalisation in Data Journalism Stories of the New York Times and The Guardian

Andrew Heaton: Drone Journalism Review, Current practice, legal frameworks and drone futures

Friday 22 April

Helena Bengtsson:  Getting data into Excel & Text formulas

Henk van Ess: How to Find Useful and Amazing Things in the Web

Jan Willem Tulp, TULP Interactive: Workshop: How to design interesting data visualizations

Dan Russell, Google: Google deeper. Find out how much more you can get out of Google.

Juha Kauppinen: Miten tutkiva toimittaja raapii elantonsa kasaan?

Annina Vainio, Sarkamedia: Miten tutkiva toimittaja raapii elantonsa kasaan?

Katja Kuokkanen: VTT:n tiedevilppi – Huippututkimus johti harhaan

Miranda Patrucic: Free online databases

Tuomo Pietiläinen: Tutkivaa journalismia uutiskiireessä. Miten syvennät nopeasti uutistasi ja teet oikeat kriittiset kysymykset haastateltavalle.

Simon Rogers: Keynote – My journey in data journalism, from the Guardian to Google

Saturday 23 April

Nicolas Kayser-Bril: ‘Free your data’ is over. Now, we need data to be free.

Jens Finnäs, Journalism++ Stockholm: Workshop – Building a news robot

Reeta Pöyhtäri, UNESCO’s Expert for Journalists’ Safety Indicators

Katja Frostell, Data Outreach, Advocacy and Publishing, UNESCO Institute for Statistics

Susanna Reinboth: Julkisuuslaki tehokäyttöön

Peter Sjöholm, data journalist, Yle : Workshop – Intermediate Google Maps.

Juha Nurmi: Ahmia: search engine for the dark net

Ville Juutilainen: Creating a Story in Virtual Reality